Introduction to Blogging

Have been away from this blog for a few days? How’s it going?

My operating principle for this blog is to help provide you with easy, fun, and do-able activities that you can implement immediately that will get your practice growing. This article about blogging may seem a bit indirect, but please bear with me. Blogs are important, because they are the new “town square” in the digital age. Blogs are a place to meet neighbors, people of like mind, and they are also places to go for entertainment, education, and to check out what the whackos are doing. All of this can be done from the comfort and privacy of your own home, right in front of your computer.

A “Blog” is shorthand for “Web Log.” A blog is a web page that serves as an online journal. Some people use their blog to keep a diary, to share recipes or family history, and some use blogs to promote their businesses by providing valuable and interesting information. If you’re not familiar with blogs (or even if you are), take a moment to get acquainted. Think of something you are interested in (besides the Feldenkrais Method and building your practice). Cooking? Running? Pilates? Antiques? Politics? What do you like to do for fun?

Open up another window on your computer and go to In the search box, enter “cooking blogs,” or “Math blogs” or “technology blogs” or “pet blogs.” Let your imagination run wild! Whatever you can think of, SOMEONE is probably sharing their passion for it via a blog. Celebrities have blogs, television shows have blogs, everybody has a blog. WHY? Because blogs are the new place where you can talk to people that are interested in the same things you are!

You’ll find blogs that you think are terrible. Blogs reflect the personality of the person (or group) who is writing it. If you don’t like the looks of it, or don’t like the writing or the opinions expressed, keep looking until you find some blogs you like.

Become a reader, or a follower of a blog. You can do this anonymously (just bookmark the page and check back with it every so often). The next level of commitment is to click on the RSS feed symbol. You’ll get updates when the blog has a new entry. Some blogs also allow you to receive updates via email. The top level of commitment (and it’s not that hard!) is to actually sign up to be a “follower” of the blog. Frequently, the blog will then post your picture, with a link to your website or profile. A little photo gallery begins to form, and you can see a bunch of people who also follow this blog.

The real magic of blogs comes in the “Comments” section. If you read something you like, leave a comment! You don’t even need to mention your work. Leave a POSITIVE comment — “This is the BEST recipe for Thai peanut sauce I’ve found. Served it to my family tonight with shrimp and rice, and there was none left! Looking forward to more recipes!” Be sincere, be specific in acknowledging the value of what you read, and you’ll be asked to come over and play again. Many blogs allow you to post a link to your website along with your signature. If you sound like a nice, positive, interesting person, who wouldn’t want to find out more about you?

Comments on blogs are golden, because they are a link back to your website. Chances are, you don’t have a link to the blog on your site. Incoming links are valued more highly by search engines and web crawlers, and so will boost the rankings of your web site.

Reading and commenting on blogs are a great way to stay informed, expand your world, and come into contact with new people. It costs nothing, just a little of your time. Be part of conversations that are already going on, and bide your time until you are asked for information. When more people start talking about Feldenkrais, more people will hear about Feldenkrais!
Coming soon– writing a blog!

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