Blogs, etc.

The Internet, “Web 2.0,” and whatever the next iteration will be — all are becoming increasingly interactive. “Interactive” is the modern word for “people talk to each other.” Above all, the Internet is a place for conversations to take place. If we want the knowledge of the Feldenkrais Method to spread, we have to have conversations. Best of all, we need to stimulate other people to have conversations about us.

If you are shy, a wallflower, or otherwise uncomfortable with socializing, blogs and other media sites are a great way to ease into using this new tool. Let’s be frank, the Internet has gone beyond being a tool — it is a reality, it is useful, it is mainstream.

The earlier post, Introduction to Blogging, discussed the value of leaving comments on other people’s blogs. You can also leave comments about photos you like on, about videos you enjoy on; even about posted items and links on your friends’ Facebook pages. The point is, YOU must participate in conversations. You don’t have to hi-jack the conversation and only talk about Feldenkrais: in fact, that would be rude and tacky. However: by “showing up” on these sites, and having something of value (interesting, funny, another related site or topic) to SHARE WITH OTHERS — that will cause others to pay attention to what you have to say, and even look forward to your comments. You begin to cultivate a reputation, a presence, as an interesting person, a resource — an authority in your field.

So — what do you think? Leave your comments. Better yet: what can you do?

One thought on “Blogs, etc.

  1. Hi MaryBeth, I am a Feldenkrais student, not practitioner, and found your site through facebook. It is most useful – relating to all service industries. I coach vaulting on horses and discovering web 2.0 tools has been an amazing way to interact with clients. Finding your blog has been inspiring. But how do you get people to leave comments! I would just say thanks for sharing your info, and let you know its appreciated.

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