Spring Cleaning

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Supposedly, Spring arrived in Houston on Saturday afternoon, March 20.  Sunny skies notwithstanding, a brisk north wind and temperatures plunging overnight into the high 30’s made everyone long for “Really Spring.”

This morning I swept off the back patio, cleaned off the glass tabletop on the outdoor furniture, and set about the Monday morning preparation for clients to arrive.  The clutter from the weekend was wisked away, recycling taken to the trunk of the car for drop-off later today, and ended with a look around.  Yes, it’s unmistakeable — this urge to clean and organize everything is the surest sign of spring that I know.

Every year, when I mention this sensation to friends, I get lots of invitations to come and clean their houses!  But nobody can really do this for you.  I’m talking about getting into the hall coat closet and reorganizing it.  Pull everything out of the pantry and arrange for easier access.  Tackle the “to be filed” file at the front of the drawer.  Spring is a time to streamline, lighten up, clean out, wash the windows — it’s a rebirth!

I find spring is also a good time for Feldenkrais classes.  People take on new activities in spring, not because they have resolved to, or think they should — but because they want to.  They feel the warming of the air, see the blossoming of the flowers (and sense the accompanying pollen), and it seems like a good time to start something new and different.  Just like your kitchen junk drawer, or the catch-all closet, our bodies also take on the “clutter” of movement habits that cause pain, sap vitality, and diminish coordination and efficiency in daily actions.

As you feel the “perk up” of warming temperatures and longer days, include some Feldenkrais classes or lessons in your schedule.  It’s the best way I know of to put a spring in your step!

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One thought on “Spring Cleaning

  1. Ah – I am not the only one who enjoys spring cleaning! I said to Wonderful Husband yesterday ‘As soon as I get home I’m going to get the living room curtains cleaned.’ and he said ‘didn’t you just get them done last year?’

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