‘Tis the “Season”

Mint leaves.
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Lovely new pots of herbs grace my back patio, and I’m enjoying the morning routine of surveying the landholdings and watering each one.  Parsley, rosemary, basil, oregano, mint, and cilantro are getting used to their new and comparatively spacious surroundings, adjusting to the daily rhythm of light and shade.  The plants are already contributing their dash of dazzling flavors in our favorite recipes.

The existence of mint on my patio inspires me to find recipes that need mint.  The possibility was not immediately available previously, but now it is, and it requires action.  I trimmed off the excess from a gift oregano plant so the smallish root could more easily support less foliage as it adjusts to its new pot.  The addition of ultra-fresh oregano in simple pasta with a little olive oil, salt, pepper, and a dash of red pepper flakes is beyond delicious.  Salads, sauces, and most of all, my imagination, begin to tingle with the new possibilities. I envision a bumper crop of basil, and the glorious prospect of fresh pesto with EVERYTHING. . .

Often, after an Awareness Through Movement lesson, people will walk around with a strange, yet pleasant, expression on their faces.  Some look as if they are listening intently to a quiet and distant voice.  Others have a curious look, as though they’ve just tasted a fascinating flavor that they can’t quite classify.  I’ve come to appreciate “that look” as the look of someone encountering the surprise of their own hidden potential.  Sometimes, the “flavor” is the presence of a new and fluid quality in walking or reaching.  For some, it is the absence of a long-present discomfort for the first time in recent or long memory.  You can see the confidence, the grace, the refreshed outlook as the impossible becomes possible; the possible becomes easy, and the easy becomes elegant, delightful, and fascinating.

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