Writing about writing

It’s day Two of my writing “kick” re-inspired by Reverb10.com.  I’m so inspired that when the prompt had not arrived this morning at 7 a.m. when I was poised and ready to write, I experienced something akin to that sensation that tells you it’s time for a cigarette.  I was a little panicky until I saw somebody tweet that they had received the prompt.  Collective sigh of relief.

The prompt for today says, “Writing. What do you do each day that doesn’t contribute to your writing — and can you eliminate it?”

My reactions to this question sort of surprise me.  My quick smart-ass answer would be “Everything — and, no, I can’t.”

I love to write.  People tell me I’m pretty good at it, and that’s great, but more important to me is my enjoyment of the process, and seeing some result of my attempts to express myself clearly.  Writing is something I DO, and “A Writer” is also something that I AM — but it’s not the only thing I am.  If I eliminated everything that “interferes” with my writing, I would have nothing to write about — no inspiration, no juice.

There’s an idea that has stuck with me for so long that I can’t remember the source or even the exact quotation: But it’s something like, “Don’t wish your job to be free of interruptions.  Your job IS the interruptions.”  I think you can substitute the word “Life” for “Job.”  Life is a series of interruptions to all your best laid plans.  One can rail and fight and complain about them, or sometimes, just roll with it.  We human beings are much more adaptive, resilient, and capable than we give ourselves credit for.  In those interruptions lies much creative fodder.  Even transformative power.

Perhaps the point of the prompt is to arrive at the realization that potentially EVERYTHING contributes to one’s writing.  Rather than eliminating something, I can look for more opportunities to reflect, and just jot down ideas that spring up, no matter how trivial.   Bringing gentle attention to those ideas, through writing, makes my life and my actions more purposeful.

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4 thoughts on “Writing about writing

  1. I basically said the same thing! You know what they say about great minds… 😉

    And yeah, I do wish the prompts would go up sooner. I feel bad for some of the international participants – their day is already half way over before they get the prompt!

  2. I agree that all of our experiences can contribute to our writing but I know for a fact that some of my states of mind or thoughts can interfere with my desire or motivation to write.

  3. Nice post! I agree that everything contributes to your writing, and if all you do is writing, you’ve got nothin’. When I was journaling about this today, it came to me that exercising and meditation would not only help my health, but it would undoubtedly help my writing…not sure I can commit to both right now, but I’ve decided to add a little lunchtime walk. Good for me, good for my writing. (And much better than watching TV at lunch, which I do now since I work at home and am alone!)

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