Have it Your Way!

Here we are! Can you believe it? We’re halfway through December, and fully into the Holiday Season.

Whether shopping online or in a “real” store, we continually seek some degree of customization so that we can have *exactly* what we want.  We’re looking for an exact and appropriate size, color, and style for every gift item.  The potential for customization is virtually limitless, as you can choose or reject a large array of features for any product or service.  Miss Goldilocks would shake her blonde, curly head at all the choices available!

And yet, when it comes to our own posture, our own muscle tone, our own degree of strength or flexibility, we seem to think that “one size fits all.” Or, at least, that we should somehow be like someone else — pick a sports hero, supermodel, or Cirque du Soleil performer!  Not only is this unrealistic, this attitude can lead to actions that put us at risk for avoidable injuries.

However, the “fitness industry” persists in offering panaceas for what ails. The next time you get on an airplane, take a look in the SkyMall magazine to see a dazzling smorgasbord of gadgets and gizmos to fix this or that.  Insoles and special shoes to perfect your gait, posture, muscle tone, and pain.  The expensive and scientifically proven pillow that relieves neck pain.  The reinforced  bra for men or women, with extra strapping across the back to insure that, god forbid, you don’t slouch.  Unfortunately for these merchants, not all backs, feet, or necks are alike.  Fortunately for them, the vast majority of people do not realize it.

So — enter the Feldenkrais Method.  You could think of it as a customized approach to exercise, self-improvement, skill development, or optimal functioning. Your sore neck, back, shoulder, foot — are unique.  A standardized protocol can never expect to be as effective as one that is custom tailored to YOU.  Indeed, the newest advances in medicine trumpet the advent of “boutique treatments.”  This means that They finally realize that effective results for real people don’t occur when you’re aiming for the average.  The only way to really make a difference for people is to adapt and respond appropriately to each individual.

Sometimes an external intervention — a shoe, a pillow, a bed, an operation – are absolutely the right course of action, and can be of great benefit.  However, many solutions can arise when we access our own “database:”  our own internal unconscious wisdom that governs the regulation of our nervous systems. Painful muscular contractions, posture and balance difficulties, inadequate breathing, and a wide range of other difficulties can be resolved with an attentive and customized respect for you, your interests, and your abilities.

As Moshe Feldenkrais often asserted, “our capacity for improvement is virtually limitless.”  The Feldenkrais Method helps people to discover and expand their undeveloped capacities.  Your potential is limitless.

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