#reverb10 – Day 22 – Travel

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Prompt: Travel. How did you travel in 2010? How and/or where would you like to travel next year? [Prompt by author Tara Hunt for #reverb10.]

Over the past several years, I haven’t had the budget to do much traveling.  I didn’t even have it in mind to plan to travel — until this year.

Some of my travel is for business. In June, I made a quick trip to Wichita Falls for my biennial gig there, teaching a “Feldenkrais for Musicians” class as part of a big music camp.  The event is coordinated by a long-time friend and colleague, who has been most kind to hire me year after year.  Quick up on a Sunday night, back home Monday afternoon.  In years past, the plane from Dallas to Wichita Falls was a little puddle jumper — a super small prop plane, and terrifyingly turbulent on a hot north Texas summer day.  This year, it seemed they had fewer flights, but on much larger planes.  That was much more comfortable.  2011 is an “off year” for the WF trip, as plans now stand. But I am open to re-instituting my “World Tour” to teach workshops at schools and for company retreats. Preferably in exotic locations.

I was a gypsy for three weeks in July.  I had a wonderful contract to teach at a training program for career-track opera singers, called RESONANZ. I traveled to Albany, NY for two weeks of music and movement, meeting the other people on the faculty, and marveling at the amazing talents of the students in the program.  The program is unique because it fosters the development of  each performer as a whole person.  In addition to world-class coachings and performance experiences, the students participate in mind-body practices of yoga, meditation, and the Feldenkrais Method.  Two weeks there were personally and professionally rewarding.  If I’m offered a contract to go back, it will be a pleasure to accept!

I mentioned three weeks in July, and weeks one and three were in Albany. Week Two, the middle week, was spent in my beloved Chicago at the annual conference for North American Feldenkrais teachers. I was fortunate to be on the conference program to talk about social media and practice-building.  The best part was reconnecting with friends and colleagues, and enjoying the city after the conference was over.

In 2010 I actually planned a real vacation for the first time in many years.  I planned a weekend surprise getaway to Chicago at the end of October for my partner’s birthday.  I described it in a previous post in this series, because that trip qualifies as “Best Party” of 2010. I really loved planning every detail, from booking the flights to purchasing our CityPasses online, to conspiring with friends to be able to stay in their condo.  It was a magical five days. I think I’ll include my guy in the planning for our next vacation.  It was a blessing to have created the time and the resources to make the trip.

So my questions for 2011 — how can I create more opportunities for travel this year.  As with everything — “ask and ye shall receive.” I’m asking! I’m going to apply to renew my passport so that that if an invitation arises to go abroad, I can do it.  I love to travel anywhere to share my work with people, and am currently creating more opportunities to do that.  And I think another trip to Chicago, or perhaps San Francisco, are beckoning.  I know I can be packed in less than an hour.  Let’s go!

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