Just a Smile

It sounds corny to say — but my cats always make me smile.  Here is a picture of one of them, our glamour girl, Bean.

Bean is sitting in a tree in our courtyard.  She looks quite comfortable; but I assure you, she has no idea how she got there or what she is supposed to do now. She’s not up very high in the tree, but she is too high to reach her.

It was probably a cool, breezy day.  On days like that, we leave the back door open so that Bean and her adoptive brother, Yoda, can come and go as they please.  She can be excited by a leaf blowing across the ground in an unusual way, or perhaps the cross-draft through the house just rippled a whisker.  She reacts instantly and zooms — and suddenly, she has run right up that tree.

Bean may not be the sharpest pencil in the drawer — but she is a skillful hunter and deadly predator.  Her instincts are flawless — never mind that it is just my hand that moved away from her and under the blanket.  She attacks with deadly force.  She gets her twenty hours of beauty sleep each day, and produces great quantities of bunny-soft grey fur.  She roosts in strange places (in the bathtub, on top of the toilet tank, on the back corner of my desk behind the computer monitor –and she snores and groans loudly.  She is a full-contact, affectionate cat, when she is in the mood.  Sometimes she is contented to simply sit next to you, leaning up against your leg so that her chin or a paw can touch.  Other times, she climbs straight up your chest and gets nose-to-nose.  She is full of love and acceptance, and able to be completely committed to each moment, exactly as she finds it.  Even if it takes her a few moments to figure it out.

My partner’s ex-father-in-law was the fire chief for Pearl Harbor in Hawaii after WWII.  Reportedly, he would say, “You never find kitty skeletons in the tree tops.”  It’s true, they always manage to get themselves down.  And that makes me smile.  Just because it’s funny, and true: and also because it reminds me that maybe in those times when I feel like I am “up a tree” or “out on a limb,”  I’ll be able to get myself down.

[This post was inspired by a prompt from The Daily Post by WordPress: “Share something that makes you smile.”]

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