Snowed In!

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In Houston?  I think not!  However, it is a rainy afternoon, I’ve spent the day in my PJ’s catching up on some projects, and the question came:  what would I do to amuse myself if I were snowed in for several days?

I remember those times as a kid, growing up in the Chicago suburbs, and we actually had snow days — days off from school — almost every year.  If we still had our electricity (which we usually did), it was a day of watching TV, or reading.  I had a stamp collection that I really enjoyed and could be absorbed for hours in it.  Sometimes my Mom would decide to bake cookies or something to warm up the house.  and mostly, we just watched it snow.

We had a few days of being stranded and without power after Hurricane Ike devastated the Houston area a couple of years ago.  We listened to the radio for updates.  We grilled our rapidly thawing food from the freezer, with our wonderful upstairs neighbors.  We napped and read actual books. We rejoiced when the power came back on.  Even without having our computers or any electricity, we managed to entertain ourselves.

So, if I were snowed in, I’d be okay.  A little cooking, a little reading, straighten drawers or clean out closets.  Paper and pen, the power to daydream — there seems always to be plenty to do! But how about you?  How do you entertain yourself, in a stretch of unplanned and unexpected time?

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