And We’re OFF! Feldenkrais for the New Year

With 2011 now well underway, we hope you are off to a great start. How is it going so far? Did you make resolutions?

Most resolutions have, as their foundation, an awareness of and a desire for the possibility that things could be different. The problem we face is, as the wise old saying goes:

“Everyone wants things to be different, but nobody wants to CHANGE.”

Change doesn’t have to be difficult, although usually we certainly expect it to be. And that’s where the Feldenkrais Method comes in. When you have an opportunity to practice how to turn your intentions into actions, it just gets easier. That is our stock-in-trade: to give you a little time each day, or each week, to really know what you are doing, and make adjustments from there. Is something working really well for you? Learn how to optimize it. Something not working well? Learn how to tweak it, or overhaul it completely, with equal ease. As Moshe Feldenkrais said: “An adjustment is a successful act of learning.”

Our group classes and private lessons offer lots of opportunities to “field test” new ideas that you can carry into daily life. Check us out — and then notice how things are different.

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