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Since I have committed to blogging every day during 2011, I am always in the market for inspiration.  WordPress’s The Daily Post is providing a steady stream of them, and the problem is — well, sometimes you’re just not inspired by anything. However, sometimes you can write a whole piece about why you’re not inspired.  It’s an interesting technique to apply to all kinds of problem-solving and production.

For example, today’s prompt is, “Write about something that you have never told anyone before — and why.”

What a great inspiration!  Except I’m not going to tell you something I’ve never told anyone before.

I don’t blog to divulge my deepest darkest secrets.  Some people do.  I guess I’m old enough to have lived through more than a few earth-shattering personal crises, and so I know that whatever comes, “This too shall pass.”  It’s good to let it pass.  Writing about it, immortalizes it.  Nothing you put up on the internet ever goes away.  Ever.  I wonder if some “personal bloggers” actually realize that.

My blog is for sharing my reflections about the kind of work I do, and helping people to understand it, and its relationship to the wider world of Thought.  I also like to write about larger cultural issues and trends that I see emerging, and I like to write about friends of mine who are doing amazing things with their lives.  So while the reflections are mine, the blog is not about ME.

Perhaps one day you and I will share a meal, or a drink, or a conversation, and get to know each other in person.  You can’t force those things.  Personal boundaries, and the right to decline to talk about anything in the “personal” realm, are a big part of maintaining integrity of self, of character, and of dignity.  Good fences make good neighbors, as Robert Frost said. Good personal boundaries — functional boundaries — make relationships flow more smoothly.

Have I ever told anyone that before?  I can’t be sure.

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One thought on “Over-Sharing

  1. This is positively excellent. I think sometimes we feel as though we HAVE to share even when we feel uncomfortable doing so. I agree that some people have no difficulty doing that but if one has any sort of misgivings about sharing online I think it’s wise to err on the quiet side . . . or at least think on it over night before hastily posting.

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