FELDENKRAIS For Better Living

The personal testimonial always catches our attention. Often, our decisions are influenced based on our friends experiences and recommendations, whether for an author, a restaurant, a hairdresser, or iPhone app.

Thankfully, it’s not SO unusual anymore to hear people talking about their experiences in Feldenkrais classes. I’d love to hear a testimonial like this (credit/apologies to the Ketchup Advisory Board):

“Well, of course I expected Feldenkrais lessons to work wonders for my persistent back pain. Sure, that improved right away — it’s kind of what they’re known for, ya know? But then, as I continued with my regular sessions, I noticed lots of other improvements. My stock portfolio increased in value. I was able to lose those last seven pounds. My skin is flawless. My husband got a raise. My kid was named a National Merit Scholar. My grass is greener. My website started getting more traffic. My brother has kicked his habit. I got a MacArthur grant. . . so yeah — I can really recommend that Feldenkrais class!”

I hope you enjoyed that little bit of humor. And, I hope you’ll try some classes or lessons to see how YOUR life improves. We only make one guarantee — you will feel different.

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