Houston by Taxi

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I am a social being. An extrovert, perhaps. I like to go to parties and meet people. It’s the perfect way to mix business with pleasure.

I don’t like to drive at night.

In the past month, I’ve adjusted my budget and my priorities for safety and comfort. I now hire a driver when I have an evening event to attend — particularly if I plan to indulge in a beverage or two.

One evening during the holidays, we went party-hopping: from the Galleria to the Museum District, then to the Heights, and back home to the Galleria. We took a cab to a soiree in a part of town, the East End, where we always get lost if we drive ourselves. Recently we have found a driver we like (@AlextheDriver), and have had him ferry us to Houston Grand Opera, and to a fundraiser tonight on Houston’s far east side.

We met @AlextheDriver at a company open house that was attended by Houston’s Twitter set. Alex was working the door, checking ID’s (I always love being carded, even though I know the person is just being charming to a little old lady) and making sure people got name tags and wristbands.  We struck up a conversation in which I told him we were waiting for our taxi to arrive.  He mentioned that he was also a driver, and he would be happy to drive us sometime.  We started following each other on Twitter the next day.  I was happy to do business with another independent business person, and I’m happy to recommend him to others. Alex runs his cab as a business, not a job.  He gives excellent, dependable, and personal customer service.  It’s a business relationship that benefits us both.

Me, taking taxis to parties? It is a splurge, yes.  However, the peace of mind (as they say) is priceless.

Have you recently made a choice that improved your life?  What was it?

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