If I could eat anything right now

Many types of sushi ready to eat.
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My favorite food?

Hands down — it is sushi.

I could eat sushi three meals a day.  I’ve never tried it (three meals a day, for an extended time), but in my foodie fantasy land, that is God’s truth.

Sushi is my celebration and special occasion treat.  For birthdays, holidays, beginnings and endings, anniversaries, landing a big client or contract, or focusing on new business at lunch — sushi is my first choice.  Sushi is special.  Even if I had it three meals a day, I think it would still be special.  Maybe that’s what is missing in our fast-food, rush-rush, drive-through world: nothing special about meal time.  Perhaps that is the challenge:  how to make each meal, each moment, special. . .

In the sushi world, I’m not terribly adventurous.  No spiny or slimy stuff for me.  One seaweed sushi or ikura is plenty.  No blowfish or other life-threatening choices:  I have responsibilities and a full schedule tomorrow, thank you. But baby, bring on the yellowtail, the seabass, the fresh salmon.  I’ll even go red snapper, fresh scallop, and tuna.  Hand rolls, frankly, I can take or leave.  Spare me anything cooked.  No smoked salmon or weird shrimp. Gimme raw, raw, raw.

Anything with edamame is great.  The agodashi tofu is to die for.  Avocado — fugeddaboudit.  Add a cold Kirin, or a hot sake, or a slushy cosmo, and I’m your’s.

My favorite sushi place in Houston is Myako, on Westheimer.  Happy Hour sushi is a gift of the gods to be savored and enjoyed as often as possible.

I love the clean, fresh, energized sense of being alive that follows a meal of wonderful sushi.  Breakfast, lunch, dinner — sushi would be divine.

Any meal, eaten with gratitude and appreciation, provides profound nourishment for body and soul, the deepest elements of our humanness.  I thank the fish for their sacrifice.  I am grateful for their naked beauty and succulence. I celebrate the skill of the chefs who prepare and present the feast.  I thank my body for the energy that food provides, that I may serve my community with strength and skill — and with love.  THAT is the secret ingredient in any food, any meal, any gathering, which nourishes, heals, and connects — LOVE.  Let all your eating and sharing and providing be acknowledged with love and connection, and gratitude.  It’s all we have, really.

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