There’s an app for that: Feldenkrais comes to the iPad

Feldenkrais Method enthusiasts can celebrate a dream come true today. For the first time, they can download the Feldenkrais Awareness Through Movement app, for iPhone and iPad.  The new app is in beta, with no plans for a final version.

“We had hoped to be at SXSWi for the launch, but it was slow going, and the results were surprising, even unexpected,” said lead developer Adon de Fueron. “We all felt very grounded and balanced when we knew we had it,” he added.  The rollout of the new app is scheduled for April 1, 2011.

iPad user experiments with Feldenkrais app

The app allows users to access 7,465,929 of their favorite movements from the Feldenkrais Method. “We’re really excited about the “shuffle” function, which will recombine the movements into an entirely new ATM lesson of any length,” said de Fueron. Developers sampled individual movements from mp3 audio recordings of ATM lessons contributed by Feldenkrais Trainers and teachers worldwide.

“We had to take our method mobile — it was inevitable,” said a practitioner who asked to remain anonymous.  The app features geolocation functionality on two levels.  As a social networking tool, users can check in via FourSquare and GoWalla at Feldenkrais classes worldwide (I just unlocked the “Differentiated Vertebrae” badge on FourSquare!). The app also enables the user to map the position, trajectory, and exertion level for any of their own body parts during any movement selected.   “The visualization takes place right on the screen.  It is wicked cool,” said the source.

app for iPhone and iPad.

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5 thoughts on “There’s an app for that: Feldenkrais comes to the iPad

  1. What happened to this app? Looks like it’s disappeared from the App Store, which is unfortunate. Any hope of it coming back?

    1. Hi, Nancy: If you notice the date of this post — it was my annual April Fool’s joke. There are several clues to this fact — but the “over the top” giveaway is the number of movements that can be “randomly combined” to create new lessons. A LOT of people were taken in. If you look back through the archives, you’ll find that for the past few years I come up with a very irreverent and diabolical take on the Feldenkrais world. 🙂
      After I posted this, my readers made me aware that there was, indeed, an actual Feldenkrais app — and it was in German. (Of course it was.) Sorry to say that I was not curious enough to pursue it. I thought mine was better.
      Please do stay tuned for the posts here on the enjoyment of embodied living. Perhaps an inventive person will figure out how to make a *real* Feldenkrais app! Thanks for reading.

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