Feldenkrais for Independence Day

Feldenkrais students are an independent lot.

They don’t make decisions about how to spend their time and attention based on “everybody’s doing it” or “nobody has heard of that.” And while sometimes they may have a little difficulty in describing what Feldenkrais IS, they have no trouble at all when asked to describe how it makes them FEEL.

Our results are as varied as the individuals who seek out this work, because each person desires something different. Moshe Feldenkrais said that the purpose of his work was to help people to achieve “their vowed and unavowed dreams.”

The noble dreams we all share: Freedom (sometimes our oppressor is physical pain, or inflexible thinking), Independence (to be self-sufficient, yet inter-dependent with and contributing to the world around us), and Self Determination (to choose freely in each moment what one’s next action will be), are universal desires, and are at the heart of the Feldenkrais Method.

The pursuit of these dreams can lead to unexpected destinations, newly discovered capacities, and satisfaction — yes, even contentment — with the process of progress.

We are all in pursuit of vowed and unavowed dreams. Those people on the floor? LIVIN’ THE DREAM. Join them!


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