On the Eve of August

old electric fan

old electric fan,
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If you’re planning on visiting Houston, you might want to pick another time. Those of us who live here are plotting escape to cooler climes — or at least floridly fantasizing. A welcome chill in the air will have to come from vivid imagination or powerful air-conditiong, for our temperature forecast is all 100 F or above for the entire coming week.

Complaining about the weather must eventually yield to acceptance of what is. It will eventually change. as everything always does.

As an unanticipated application of my learning from practicing the Feldenkrais Method, I have been noticing the effects of the heat, rather than just complaining about it. I can notice that I feel sticky, heavy, and uncomfortable; that I feel “spaced out” and my mind wanders more; and that I have less energy than normal. I notice that I am most productive before 11 a.m. I notice the internal judgmental dialog when I can’t seem to get through my to-do lists — lists that were probably unrealistically long in the first place. I notice that I feel much better when I purposely set out to DO LESS than I know I can. I complete a short list with energy to spare, and feel encouraged to begin again.

So it’s not that functioning is impossible in this heat. It is that my habitual ways of functioning are not compatible with current conditions. As human beings, we have almost infinite capacity to learn and adapt to practically anything. So in this heat, I am spending more time on indoor projects, saving my creative work for “prime times,” and resting more. I notice that my stressed-out, sweltering clients seem happy to step into the cool and quiet comfort of my office for Feldenkrais work.

I’m also emphasizing that ALL of our class venues are air-conditioned, as an enticement for folks to come out and cool off. We’ll get through this, finding as much ease, efficiency, and effectiveness as we can. See you soon!


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