Last year, I was inspired by an online community of bloggers in a daily writing practice called #reverb10.  Because of their influence and inspiration, I posted something reflective and expressive every day during December 2010.  Filled with new-found energy, I continued to post daily until mid-March.  I switched my daily practice to,

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and kept it up for over 180 days!  Since then, my writing has just putted along.  What happened?

Well, I’ve found that I am just not constituted to do ANYTHING every single day, except perhaps brush my teeth.  There’s just something dissonant that I can’t put my finger on.  I love a routine until it becomes — routine. I embrace a discipline until it feels like punishment.  I simply ran out of gas. I learned that my writing is in response to my environment and its stimulus — and so I do need prompts (even if they send me ranting). Most of all, I want to retain my own power to choose, not to be  under compulsion to do something “just because.”  So for #resound11, I have embraced the freedom to do as I choose — which, like Dorothy’s ruby slippers, has been mine all the time.

Already, the old gang is assembling online.  This year I will be better organized to read other’s writings and respond to them.   In the presence of resounding expression and recognition of self and others, original voices will emerge.

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