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What do you wish you had done more of in 2011?


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In 2011, I did not travel as much as I have in recent years.  Even though I had good reasons for staying home, I found that I really missed it.


I financed two eye surgeries this year, so that is where my funds were allocated.  I skipped the annual conference by my professional association partly for that reason, but mostly because the program just didn’t excite me.  Then, the music festival I had taught at the previous two summers suspended their operations for this year, so that removed another opportunity.


Staying home was the right thing to do.  It was wise and prudent.  I also found that I have come to rely on spending a couple of weeks away from home.  The travel recharges my internal emotional and creative “batteries.”   In 2012, I am planning several trips for continuing education, as well as an occasional weekend getaway.  I am also open to the possibility of accepting some out-of-town gigs and expanding my horizons in that way. I look forward to new found “get up and go” potential in the new year!


[I am blogging daily (ish) during December as part of #reverb11 and #resound11. Join us here.]


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