Continuing to Resound – #resound11

St. Augustine writing, revising, and re-writin...

For this, the first blog post of 2012, I’m revisiting the old “looking backward, looking forward” theme. Last year had many challenges, and its share of unhappiness and struggle. However, it was also sprinkled with miracles, fortuitous turns — yes, blessings. As objectively as I can assess it one day removed, 2011 WAS a good year. And 2012 will be even better!

From the point of view of this blog, I owe a huge debt of gratitude to the generators of writing prompts that inspired me:  #reverb 10, #reverb11, and #resound11.  Many more readers found my writing this year than would have otherwise if I had not put myself and my work “out there” (wherever “there” is) in this way.  I wrote almost 200,000 words in 2011.  Whew!  Do I feel a pressure to surpass that in 2012?  Maybe a little.

However, realistically and philosophically (and in an added bonus, supported by the evidence of my past performance) I know that “more” is not necessarily “better.”  There’s way too much pompous bloviating in the world, and I’m loathe to contribute to that.  I write for myself, for my own enjoyment and reflection.  I am thrilled when others find me and sometimes resonate with my point of view.  But that’s the bonus, not the major payoff.

I didn’t write every day in 2011, nor on every day of #resound11.  Perhaps having the goal of a weekly post is more do-able for 2012 — and it’s a goal that I can easily overachieve.  The daily discipline has never been something I have had much luck with.  I am content to move closer and closer to that ideal.  But something very curious happened during December 2011.  As I reflected and wrote, I found myself becoming more engaged with my own life, off the computer and away from the screen. My usual holiday blues never arrived! This year, I had no time for the emptiness I felt in the past.  I didn’t just fill it up with junk.  It filled itself with better ideas and actions.  2011 held the happiest holidays I have experienced in many, many years.

So, here’s the list of links to my posts from #resound11.  Thank you for dropping by, for reading, and for commenting.  I’m going to keep writing, and writing often.  For me, it is a creative action that renews itself, and me, the more I do it. Take that, 2012!

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