Lion or Lamb?

March came in to Houston like a lamb a couple of weeks ago. At the same time, elsewhere around the country, devastating and deadly storms showed the “lion” side of the proverb, and the weather. How’s it going for you? Lamb, or lion?

Moshe Feldenkrais acknowledged the widest possible range of human aspirations, motivations, and behavior. Sometimes acting with the gentleness of a lamb is completely appropriate, as is acting with ferocity and power like a lion on occasion. It’s also within our human capacity to behave like a dog, a pussycat, a fox, a snake, or an ass! If you want to take effective action in the world, you need at least three distinct choices. Only one choice — you have an ultimatum to deal with. Two choices, you have a dilemma. With three or more choices, the world opens up, your perspective changes, there is space to take a breath. With the opportunity of choice, you are fully human. Thinking, reflection, discernment are required. The ability to make finer and finer distinctions allows you to “fine-tune” your responses and your experience. You are in a creative space. And then, you MOVE.

Our classes are safe, experimental settings in which to fine-tune your action in the world — whether that is extreme sports, playing the violin, gardening, or sitting at a computer. Better moving means better living. Better is, well, better.

See you on the floor. . .

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