Who are you? #Scintilla Day 1

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Who are you, gentle reader, Curious One?  Where do you live, how did you find your way here, how do we connect through this intimate/isolating medium?

The question is also reflective, a writer’s prompt from the .  Since it is time for introductions:  Hello.  I’m MaryBeth, currently from Houston.  I found my way here, impelled by the yearning for self-expression.  It seems I have always (I mean ALWAYS) been “expressive,” which, as a child, meant that I was emotional, energetic, displayed every thought and feeling and plan and move in every cell of my body.  Sometimes, as a child, I was sent to my room in punishment for being “too much.”  Stay there until you can be a good girl again.  I learned that my ability to think and to express myself was not always welcomed.  I never got very good at pretending I didn’t have an opinion, or a feeling — a response — to what was going on around me.  Perhaps that is why I gravitated toward the arts, and performance, where display and expression is the whole point.

My performing days are mostly past.  Now, my self-expression takes shape here, on my virtual stage and store-front.  I write to express, to connect, to contribute.  Why?  Because those things make me happy. I carry these values into my work with people via the Feldenkrais Method, so that they can do the same, if they wish.

Out of these core values, other aspects of my identity spring, in answer to “Who am I?”  I am a translator between different points of view and vocabularies; a welcomer to unfamiliar experiences, a hostess-with-the-mostess, a keen observer and commenter on contemporary culture and Culture, a not-easily-sound-biteable creative making her way in the world.

Expression, connection, contribution.  Birds of a feather will flock together!  Whether you are dropping by as a fellow Scintilla participant, a friend, colleague, long-time reader, or  curious browser — welcome, and do leave a comment if you are so inclined.  Come back any time.


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