Too Much of A Good Thing

Weather clipIf you live in the Houston Metro area, you know that our region has experienced torrential rains and record-breaking flooding in recent days. If you live elsewhere, the chances are good that you caught a glimpse of Houston, or some other part of Texas, on the national (or international) news. The years 2010-2014 were marked by record-breaking drought conditions, so you’d think the rain would be welcome. But 35 TRILLION gallons within a month, across the state of Texas? Devastating. As those who practice the Feldenkrais Method know, it’s not just the “What.” It’s the “How,” and sometimes the “When.” Who among us deals gracefully with too much of a good thing?

In my office, I regularly see people who have gone overboard with something and have injured themselves. Some people take pride in “giving their all” working out, cycling, running, doing yoga or Pilates, managing a busy schedule for multiple family members, or other activities they truly enjoy. Others spend hours in high-stress jobs, rarely pausing or taking moments for self-awareness and care. They all have lost track of themselves and how much effort they routinely expend. Their ambition or pursuit of a goal or a “should” causes them to ignore the telltale signs of distress and impending injury. They become swamped, it’s hard to stay afloat, they are swimming upstream — you get the idea. The gentle approach of the Feldenkrais Method can help!

Do you”deluge yourself” with too much of too much – even if it’s a good thing? Let yourself “absorb” improvements gradually. Be patient with yourself, make time for rest and recovery. I know you’re thinking, “Yeah, yeah, you don’t understand my life!” Or perhaps, “Wow, I’d LOVE TO. How do I do that?” Well, it takes a little practice.

In the Feldenkrais Method, we teach people how to pay attention and learn what’s really important. We DO try to understand your life, and we can show you how to create the “life preservers” you need. I help people who want to learn how to recover, re-organize, or re-invent themselves to be better than ever. Come rain or come shine, hell or high water, you CAN live your best life.

Many thanks to all of our readers around the world who sent emails or notes of concern on Facebook during our weather woes! Happily, we sustained no damage, and are deeply grateful to see the return of the sun. 

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