Reflections on Pi

220px-pi_eq_c_over_d-svgHappy (Rounded) Pi Day!

Today’s date, represented numerically, is 31416, which also is the value of Pi, π, rounded to five places. This mathematical constant, the ratio C/d, has been calculated to more than 13.3 TRILLION digits. You’ll never run out of π, my friend. There’s plenty for everyone.

In devising his movement method, Moshe Feldenkrais made good use of the humble circle. Many lessons include the instruction to move one’s [name body part here – nose, elbow, shoulder, heel. . .] in such a way as to describe a small circle in the air, on the ceiling, or on the floor. The intricate, sub-cognitive calculations and calibrations of the nervous system are seemingly infinite, in this or any task.

In the Feldenkrais Method, you can improve, refine, deepen, expand, and focus virtually any action in the world. Dr. Feldenkrais himself posited that our potential for improvement is infinite. However, that doesn’t mean that we strive to have it all, or do it all; or, the bane of the perfectionist, to have and do it all NOW. Mature experience teaches that we can’t eat all the pie. Or all the π. We learn to appreciate that “enough is as good as a feast.” When we stop to savor each improvement, we learn how to make the next one. We become idea-generators, variation-makers, amd innovators of our own lived experience.

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