Are you #naturallyclumsy?

Does this sound familiar? “I’m such a klutz!” “I can’t believe I broke my toe on the ottoman AGAIN.” “Wonder where that weird bruise came from? Oh well, you know me…”

Before Feldenkrais (“B.F.”), I had surely earned a spot in the Clumsiness Hall of Fame. I dislocated my knee during dance auditions for a high school musical, then sprained it again during a “simple” turn-with-torque during college. I consistently fell off of my high heels while walking, putting any date’s hand/arm/shoulder at risk. Breaker of toes, runner-into-of-door-frames, tripper-over-of-seemingly-magnetized-objects — that was me. Thankfully, I never sustained serious injuries, but my constant little bumbles and fumbles, while sometimes providing comedy gold, were also inconvenient and embarrassing. All made the more ironic since I was born on a Tuesday, and my mother routinely quoted the nursery rhyme to me, “Tuesday’s child is full of grace…” Not me!

Last week I saw a Facebook post by a dear former student who seems to be following in my footsteps, and not in a good way. She is a busy elementary school music teacher, and she expressed concern that this school year she seemed to be injuring herself regularly. She added the hashtag, #naturallyclumsy. Of course I had to chime in with my experience! While the Feldenkrais Method has not made me immune from the laws of physics, I no longer think of myself as hopelessly uncoordinated.

One of the first tangible benefits I noticed, after beginning regular Feldenkrais lessons now some 18 years ago, was an almost immediate improvement in my coordination. I seemed to know where my body was in space for the first time. I was more aware of my environment, as well, so uneven pavements, narrow door frames, or the random Lego block on the floor no longer posed a threat. I’ve seen similar improvement in countless clients through the years as well.

Take a few moments to watch our newest YouTube video, in which you can improve your body awareness and overall coordination in just minutes a day. Click here to view, “Are you #naturallyclumsy?” 

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