I started Feldenkais to help improve motor function and flexibility. MaryBeth has helped me tremendously in both areas. MaryBeth has shown me ways to improve my overall health through using different models of movement and keeping an open mind to change. I value her opinion and friendship very much.

Theresa M.

My Feldenkrais work with MaryBeth has truly enhanced the quality of my life. I highly recommend the Feldenkrais Center of Houston without any reservations. She creates an atmosphere of care and serenity that makes you feel comfortable and at ease. She is professional, kind, and her humor is contagious. I leave every session with a renewed sense of freedom in my mind and my body. Her work alleviated my chronic shoulder pain and my tendency to clench my jaw has significantly improved. I feel lighter and more flexible in my body since beginning our work together. I handle stress better and find myself more relaxed when under pressure. The results are worth every penny!

Michael W.

Forget starting a session with range of motion & strength tests to figure out what your shortcomings are then strengthening this muscle group and stretching another muscle group. Instead I am learning to explore, change and adapt my movements based on quality not quantity of repetitions. Less is more and IT WORKS!

Gail S.

I injured my knee over 2 years ago and had regular PT treatment which accomplished nothing. Four months with MaryBeth has greatly improved my knee and back. I recommend her completely. I feared I would never run again and now I can. Big, big thumbs up in every way!!!

Ben P.

Fantastic techniques for developing mind and body awareness. MaryBeth Smith, director of Feldenkrais Center of Houston, is a master somatic educator who expertly guides her students in relieving pain and increasing physical ease. The gentle physical techniques are also transformational: creating conditions for expanding awareness, the development of personal potential, and expansion of life’s possibilities.

Misha P.

To be honest, after the initial relaxation part and once we started doing the movements I didn’t think I was getting much out of it.  I was very aware of how many aches I have in my body.  Some of the movements seemed more difficult than I imagined because they were small movements and gentle but they seemed to be using muscles I don’t use even in my exercise program.  But I was amazed at how I felt when I walked across the room to get my purse and even today I have noticed that I move differently.  My body was definitely moving in a very different and very pleasant way.  All the way home in the car I felt something like a flowing sensation along my spine.   I am really excited about learning more about my body and letting my body move in new ways.

Patricia D.

I’ve noticed LOTS of changes. Softness in my footsteps, slowing down of my movement so I can pay attention, and one view of myself in the mirror in a surprising way of holding myself standing with no sense of effort. I’d like to feel this way of organizing my body more often! I’m noticing numerous other small changes here and there.

Mary Kay H.

MaryBeth: at the outset in the session last Tuesday, you alerted me that this
might well be a repeat for me, and just hoped I would find it useful. To say the least I did for I believe it was the most dramatic of all the sessions I have
attended with your guidance/instruction. Somehow I had fixed in my mind
that my right hip just has no extra give in it; and sure enough, as we began I
could not cup my hand under my right heel, plus I certainly could not grasp
my toes on my right foot with my left hand. As the session concluded you
asked the class to once again assume that posture, and I thought well this
is a not for me as this move is just not in my repertoire. Then I thought I might as well “give it a lick” just to show my participation in the class. To my absolute astonishment, I easily accomplished the move which I just knew
could not be done! Somehow the whole session became magical.
I drifted home in disbelief for I did something I thought I could never
do as a golden oldie in your class of youngsters. Now I expect more
miracles in the future.

Don S.

“. . .we are so grateful for the amazing work you do with [our daughter]. But not only that — equally important to me is just the way you love on her and the incredibly sweet, genuine way you interact with her. This is way more than just a “therapist” and “client” relationship!”

Leslie S.

I am so grateful for this amazing work. At first, some months ago, it just gave me hope that I could reconnect my brain with my body. Now it is also giving me very tangible results. I can walk better, bend my knees, and move my shoulders. My pain level has reduced and I am able to get through my daily activities more easily. I always do physical errands on Tuesdays after class because I always feel better and stronger after class! Fitness has always been a part of my life and it was pretty crushing not to be able to even get out of bed two years ago. I am so much improved and starting your classes was a really positive turning point.

Maria L.