MaryBeth: at the outset in the session last Tuesday, you alerted me that this
might well be a repeat for me, and just hoped I would find it useful. To say the least I did for I believe it was the most dramatic of all the sessions I have
attended with your guidance/instruction. Somehow I had fixed in my mind
that my right hip just has no extra give in it; and sure enough, as we began I
could not cup my hand under my right heel, plus I certainly could not grasp
my toes on my right foot with my left hand. As the session concluded you
asked the class to once again assume that posture, and I thought well this
is a not for me as this move is just not in my repertoire. Then I thought I might as well “give it a lick” just to show my participation in the class. To my absolute astonishment, I easily accomplished the move which I just knew
could not be done! Somehow the whole session became magical.
I drifted home in disbelief for I did something I thought I could never
do as a golden oldie in your class of youngsters. Now I expect more
miracles in the future.

Don S.