The Launch — Welcome!

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Three sayings will provide the answer to the question, “WHY KWYD?”

“Find a need, and fill it.”

“It’s easier to obtain forgiveness than permission.”

“The best time to plant a tree is 20 years ago. The next best time is today.”

That’s my justification for beginning now, today, jumping in, and creating a first approximation of what I hope will be a site that you will value and visit often. I hope that KWYD will inspire you, tickle you, encourage you, and move you to take effective action to build your practice.

Doesn’t our work promote the idea that individuals can be self-referenced, self-directed, and self reliant? Isn’t it silly to wait for an organization or a celebrity spokesperson to do something for you, when you can quite capably do it for yourself? Perhaps you’ve already “planted your tree” in terms of successfully marketing your practice and being able to attract clients. If not, the best time to begin is today.

I’ll be sharing what has worked for me; what hasn’t worked for me, but works for other people; free online resources for study; recommended books on sales and marketing; and a forum for answering questions and giving support to Feldenkrais teachers who want to build a successful practice. Other self-identified “successful practitioners” will make regular contributions. We’ll have videos, podcasts, and teleseminars. My aim is to offer you LOTS of resources to choose from, so that you can “work out for yourself what is best for you.” And, YOU are also a contributor, not just a consumer. Your comments, questions, suggestions, recommendations, support, and successes will make this blog a hell of a lot more interesting than if I were just doing it all myself. So– subscribe to the blog, be a follower, get on board. We’re going to have fun with this, or die trying.

I’m partly doing this out of the goodness of my heart, because I believe in being in service to others, and because I believe that what goes around, comes around. If I help you, that will surely benefit me. As individual practitioners become effective in their own backyards, within their own circles of influence, you and I will see the Feldenkrais Method grow in recognition, in respect, in reputation, and most importantly, in REMUNERATION. We all deserve to have financially viable practices if we so choose.

I also believe that part of what creates abundance for all is the idea of a fair exchange of value for value. So, here’s my proposal.Take advantage of all the resources offered here. You could choose one new idea a week to study and then take action — follow the directions, do an experiment, implement it. Set goals and stick to them. When you find an idea valuable (i.e., you’re having fun learning about it, or the idea helped you to attract a client and make money), then think about throwing a buck or two my way. (There’s a PayPal button in the sidebar for your convenience.) You’ll simply be contributing toward helping me with the expenses of my broadband connection, and for the investment of my time and attention. Further, you’re making a tiny investment that will tell your subconscious, “It’s important to invest in myself, because my work is valuable.” Once again– donations are completely voluntary.

So, I’ll leave it there for now, and there will be more to come. You can expect short postings on a daily basis, once we get underway.

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