Books of Interest

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What books have been most helpful to you for marketing tips, philosophies, practical advice?

There are a zillion marketing books out there, easily located at any bookstore — and a lot of them are crap. Or, a lot of them say the same thing, nothing special. Some are just plain outdated, very “last century.” What books have you found that seemed to resonate with your personality and/or the Feldenkrais Method? More to the point: what books have given you ideas that you actually implemented, and that actually got you some paying clients?

I’ve started a list of my favorites in the sidebar. I look forward to your comments and recommendations. It will be most helpful if, when you comment, you give the complete title and author, and perhaps a sentence or two about why you’re recommending it.

We’ll get around to magazines, articles, experts, and online resources in good time. Let’s get started!

2 thoughts on “Books of Interest

  1. When you said, “a lot of them are crap” I busted out laughing! If I said that it would sound mean, you say it and it sounds sounds affirming. My favorite marketing author right now is Seth Godin. Hands down. The audio versions of his books are wonderful as he reads them and he has a great book. My favorire? “The Dip: A little book that Teaches You When to Quit (and When to Stick). cheers! – Ryan

  2. Haha! thanks, Ryan. I guess it’s all those years of voice training, my dulcet tones and all that.Thanks for recommending Seth Godin. He has spoken several times at the TED conference. Folks can get a “taste” of him via video podcast, on and search for Seth Godin.

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