A Sunday Night

When I was growing up, Sunday nights were  special time.  For several years, I had a meeting each Sunday evening with my church youth group.  However, I was home by 8 p.m., because it was a “school night.”

Never mind that five out of the seven days of the week were “school nights,” Sunday night was REALLY a school night.  Time to wrap up the weekend and plan for the day, and week ahead.  Sunday night was the evening to check status on all homework and projects, plan the schedule for the coming week, and get to bed early, no exceptions.

It seems kind of funny, but even though I no longer observe an academic calendar, and have no school-age children at home,  the Sunday “school night” routines still stick.  It feels good to be home early after a busy weekend. It’s nice to have a view of the week ahead, put finishing touches on lesson plans for my classes (for voluntary, rather than compulsory learning), and enjoy a relaxed but purposeful pace.  Sunday night is the final “Staging” for the week ahead.

We’re watching the Super Bowl, enjoying the ads, and will see our neighbors shortly for a nightcap and visit.  These times of quiet relaxation, and preparation,  are tremendously restorative to body and mind.

[What routines do you observe?  How do you get ready for the week ahead?]

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