Under the wire

Three minutes are left in this day, so I must write quickly.

Even though I am pretty tired, and have an early appointment in the morning, I need to write for this blog.

Why?  Because I said I would.

I find that keeping my word to myself — even if it is about something small and inconsequential — helps me to keep my word with others.  It also makes me more mindful to say no more often.  If I can’t follow through on a “Yes,” it’s not really a yes, anyway.

It’s just part of what Don Miguel Ruiz calls “being impeccable withyour word” in his book, The Four Agreements.

The clock strikes twelve.  I wrote today.  Why?  Because I said I would.


One thought on “Under the wire

  1. MaryBeth,
    this is so simple, so true, and so easy to forget.
    Knowing we can count on ourselves is probably the most important part of it… and for me, one of the hardest to keep in mind.
    Thanks for the reminder!

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