#WTF? What’s The Feldenkrais?

It’s National Feldenkrais Week 2011, May 6-15.

The Feldenkrais Method is so big, we can’t squeeze it all into seven days.

We could start to explain to you what it’s about — but think about it:  an explanation can’t hold a candle to the actual experience.  Upon consideration, if someone explained sex, or chocolate they don’t sound that great.  And yet, we try them anyway!  The experience is SO much better than the explanation.

SO — if you’re in Houston, Texas, you’re in luck — you can come and have a great time with the Feldenkrais Method and what it can do for you at a FREE class that is open to the public — that’s you — and to people who have never had any experience with it before.  You don’t have to be an expert, or look buff in workout clothes, or anything else.  Just come as you are.

You won’t have to do anything that is difficult, or embarrassing.  You don’t have to adopt or abandon any particular belief system, so no worries there.  All that’s needed is a curious mind, a willingness to try new things (in moderation), and enjoyment in learning.  We’ll take care of the rest!

The Particulars:
Monday, May 9
6 – 7:30 p.m.
The Jung Center of Houston
5200 Montrose Blvd. (Museum District)
Houston 77006

Registration is not required:  just show up!
If you use Facebook, you can find our page for the Feldenkrais Center of Houston, “LIKE” us, and click on the event for #WTF? What’s The Feldenkrais? and leave us a note or an RSVP.

Dress comfortably in clothing that allows for unrestricted movement.
Mats will be provided.
Bring a friend!

Not in Houston?  Check for other Feldenkrais Week events near you at feldenkraisweek.com!

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