What are we doing here?

ImageIt’s January 1, 2012 — a time when people are reflecting, resolving, reacting, re-treading, rebooting . . .

And so, I thought it might be a good time to clarify for myself, and for you, Dear Reader, what I intend to be doing here.

You’ll notice the tag line at the top of the website, underneath the title “The Feldenkrais® Center of Houston.”  It says, “Open to Possibilities. . .”

You might or might not know what Feldenkrais is, and “Open to Possibilities. . .” might or might not make you curious about what’s going on here.  So here’s my attempt at a short summary.

My audience is people who are “stuck.”  Dissatisfied in some way, wanting more for their lives.  Some of them are in physical or emotional pain, or both.  Some are on a frustrating plateau of achievement in their jobs or hobbies. In either a literal or metaphorical sense, they can’t move. They are people with a fundamental awareness that they might be able to discover and learn something new that will help.  If you’re stuck, you need new possibilities.

SomaQuest helps people to discover or create new possibilities in their lives, their thoughts, their emotions, and in their actions. The posts on this blog reflect on daily life, and on using a specific set of tools, known as The Feldenkrais Method®, to live a happier, better, more highly functional LIFE.

The major tools used by the Feldenkrais Method are 1. your brain, and 2. your body. Get the two working together, and you have 3. movement, and the “special sauce” is 4. awareness.  With these four tools, you can drastically reduce or eliminate your experience of pain; improve your posture, balance, and coordination; clarify your thinking to lead to effective and intelligent actions; enjoy a sense of child-like wonder and exploration in all that you do.  Whatever it is that you enjoy, that gives your life meaning — these tools can make it, and you, better.

I write a lot about how the Feldenkrais Method can help people.  I also write about food, cooking, culture, travel, people-watching, technology and gadgets, the arts, self-expression, relationships, and random streams of consciousness. Everything is fair game for reflection, and for exploring new possibilities. 

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