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Repetitive stress injuries are a growing problem in the workplace, as lost time and workers comp claim costs skyrocket. Traditional approaches typically evaluate each employee and workstation with an eye toward task analysis, furniture and device design, then correction of identified problem areas. The emphasis is frequently upon improving the human’s interaction with objects and technology, and the experience can feel pretty dehumanizing. The business owner comes away with a false sense of security, believing that since she has identified the problems and told people how to fix them, it should then be smooth sailing. Unfortunately there are a number of flaws in this approach: flaws that can waste both time and money.

No employee wants to feel like a “cog in the machine.” Our approach offers human solutions to human problems, and identifies strengths to build upon through a mindfulness-based approach. We strive to understand the physical, cognitive, and emotional aspects of each employee’s responsibilities. We focus on improving each employee’s ability to function in their environment. Efficient, effective, and safe movement feels GOOD.  We help people learn to sit, stand, reach, bend, turn, lift, compute, and a host of other movements, with ease and comfort. Through customized coaching, training, and follow-up, we can help each valued employee to increase their “movement intelligence.” The results? Fewer injuries, less lost time, lower stress, better problem-solving, improved productivity, and wise use of resources means a better “bottom line” for your business!

Regulation compliance is essential, but not sufficient. We can help your employees to become effective problem-solvers, and creators of their own well-being. Contact us today at 713.622.8794. We’ll determine your needs and work with you to craft a program that fosters the development of your employees as your company flourishes.

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