Links We Like

Our “Besties”:

  • Mastery of Learning: Chris Welsh is a master curator of trends, people, and ideas. His studies in neuroscience and applied technology result in a premier “learning how to learn” experience, from re-booting for a new career, to preparing for university-level study, to finding inspiration after retirement.
  • The Institute for the Study of Somatic Education: Dear friends and major mentors Paul Rubin and Julie Casson Rubin are Educational Directors of the finest Feldenkrais Teacher Training programs you will find anywhere. Quality of attention, respect for each student’s learning style, rock-solid expertise, and dedication to training excellent teachers, are the hallmarks of their trainings. Currently enrolling for Taipei, Taiwan, 2016.
  • Misha Penton, creative dynamo, performer, new music maker, collaborative artist par excellence. Check out her latest mischief-making.
  • Synkroniciti, a creative incubator for the collaborative creation of new media artwork and poetry, is led by Katherine McDaniel. Exciting things you never thought of happen here.
  • Artist Career Training Need to find markets for your artwork? Contemplating a shift to full-time artist? Aletta DeWal is THE business coach and mentor for anyone who wants to make art-making their livelihood.
  • Vocalist logo Long-established discussion forum for singers and teachers of singing, The Vocalist also maintains a well-vetted and reputable list of voice teachers near you.


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