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Alan Questel’s new program for easy movement through all the bodily changes of pregnancy.  Questel is a skilled Feldenkrais teacher and trainer with years of experience and deep understanding of human movement.  These easy, accessible lessons will help anyone learn to move more comfortably throughout pregnancy.  Click to purchase.

Recommended Reading

Want to go deeper? Curious to know more about the Feldenkrais Method? Browse our bookshelf!

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Books by and about Moshe Feldenkrais and his work.

Awareness Through Movement (Feldenkrais)

The Case of Nora (Feldenkrais)

The Potent Self (Feldenkrais)

The Elusive Obvious (Feldenkrais)

Awareness Heals (Shafarman)

Mindful Spontaneity (Alon)

Walking Your Talk (Plonka)

What Are You Afraid Of? (Plonka)

Feldenkrais: The Busy Person’s Guide to Easier Movement (Wildman)

Relaxercise (Zemach-Bersin & Reese)

Running With The Whole Body (Heggie)

Singing With Your Whole Self (Nelson & Blades-Zeller)

Movement Books of Interest

Bone, Breath, and Gesture (ed. Johnson)

The Thinking Body (Todd)

Popular Neuroscience

The Brain’s Way of Healing (Doidge)

Descartes’ Error (Damasio)

Phantoms in the Brain (Ramachandran)

The Brain That Changes Itself (Doidge)

My Stroke of Insight (Taylor)