Our workshops are really great! Best of all, participants receive a recording, a resource handout, AND can follow up their workshop with a private Functional Integration lesson for half price. Need a certificate of participation for continuing education requirements? Just let us know.
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Workshops are taught by MaryBeth Smith at the Feldenkrais Center of Houston, unless otherwise noted.

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MAY 2017

Find Your Voice: Getting It All Together
Saturday, May 13
2-5 p.m.
$45 Early Bird Registration (through 5/9)
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$55 Regular Registration (begins 5/10 at 12 a.m.)

Would you like to improve your voice? 
Do you experience neck, shoulder, or jaw tension?
Do you have frequent headaches?
Does your voice sometimes feel strained, too loud/soft, or muffled?
What would it mean to you to “find your voice,” or to “give voice” to something?

Physical, mental, and emotional elements combine to create your unique voice and self-expression in the world. When you find your voice, you can improve your overall experience of moving, sensing, feeling, and “performing” in all aspects of your life.

Anyone who’d like to speak with greater ease

In this workshop, you will:

  • Feel surprising connections your jaw, lips, and tongue share throughout your whole system.
  • Sense the relationship between posture, breath, movement, and sound.
  • Improve vocal tone, clarity, and expressiveness.
  • Discover easy breathing, balance, posture, and movement.
  • Learn to interrupt muscular tension patterns of TMJ and headaches (Surprise!)

TESTIMONIAL:  “This was a really fun workshop, and not just because the fabulous MaryBeth Davison Smith runs it. Don’t let the voice stuff fool you. This workshop helped me find confidence in myself. Feldenkrais has a tendency to remind me that my rebellious body is there for me more than I know. The movement simply made me aware of it.” –Tracey N., Dallas

Ages 14+.
MaryBeth D. Smith, GCFP, is Founder and Director of the FELDENKRAIS Center of Houston. With a background as vocal coach and university opera director, she continues to work with actors, speakers, and singers to improve their skills, technique, and presentation. MaryBeth is a member of the teaching faculty at the Jung Center of Houston, and is nationally recognized as an authority on the improvement of human performance. Her private practice includes people of all ages, abilities, and walks of life who wish to learn how to create their own well-being.

JUNE 2017


JULY 2017
Sleep Better Tonight: Introduction to the Sounder Sleep System(R)






Sleep Better Tonight: Introduction to the Sounder Sleep System(R)